Debut as Mrs. Grose in Britten’s Opera “THE TURN OF THE SCREW”

Premier on 20.06.2021 in Theater Hagen

Maria Markina made this summer her debut as Mrs. Grose in Britten’s opera “The Turn of the Screw” in Theater Hagen. The gripping production staged by Jochen Biganzoli reflects on the themes of innocence and corruption, our inner fears, prejudice and the danger of taking away the agency of the other. Houskeeper Mrs Grose is torn between the sense of loyalty and submission and fear of repressed person to take the responsibility.

Benjamin Britten: The Turn of the Screw (Die Drehung der Schraube).


Musikalische Leitung: Joseph Trafton; Inszenierung: Jochen Biganzoli; Bühne: Wolf Gutjahr; Kostüme: Katharina Weissenborn; Licht: Hans-Joachim Köster ; Dramaturgie: Rebecca Graitl; Regieassistenz / Abendspielleitung: Tobias Kramm; Inspizienz: Svenja Fiehl.

Gouvernante: Angela Davis; Miles: Siegfried Berg / Benjamin Overbeck (Solisten des Knabenchores der Chorakademie Dortmund); Flora: Melissa Droste / Adea Velijaj; Mrs. Grose: Maria Markina; Quint, Prolog: Anton Kuzenok; Miss Jessel: Penny Sofroniadou; Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen

More information on the website of the Theater Hagen.

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