Maria Markina as Tancredi

Gioachino Rossini: opera “Tancredi”
Conductor: Rubén Dubrovsky, Stage director: Cordula Däuper
Production of National Theater Mannheim, 2015


Maria Markina as Pauline

Peter Tchaikovsky: opera “The Queen of Spades”
Conductor: Patrick Summers
Production of Houston Grand Opera, 2010



Leoš Janáček: Zápisník Zmizelého (The Diary of One Who Disappeared)

Mezzo-soprano: Maria Markina, pianist: Volker Krafft
Opera Stabile, Hamburg 2014

Исаак Дунаевский “Спи мой мальчик”

Composer: Isaac Dunaevsky, pianist: Leon Gurvitch, mezzo-soprano: Maria Markina

Hanns Eisler: Einheitsfrontlied

Mezzo-soprano: Maria Markina, pianist: Robin Phillips, band: Hats & Beards
Das Konzert “Weill und Brecht in Amerika”, Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2017


Was ein Prophet auch künde, ist ohne Sünde

The idea of the project and vocal: Maria Markina, composer and pianist: Leon Gurvitch, texts: Daniil Kharms, actor: Cristian Senger
Staatsoper Hamburg, opera stabile, 2013

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