Music for short film “Look, She’s got Beard!”

In cooperation with Hamburg based musician Mark Boombastik created Maria Markina the music for the short film “Look, she’s got Beard” of Ukranian artist Uli Golub. “Look, she’s got Beard” is an experimental sci-fi eco-feminist thriller-comedy, which had its premiere on February 8th 2020 at Pinchuk Art Gallery in Kyiv.

About film:

“The film is situated in near future where the developed countries face a new migrant crisis due to the climate change. The film begins with a conventional married couple coming back home and finding a stranger sleeping in their bed. At first they assume her to be a migrant but it turns out that she is something completely different.

The film exposes the prejudice and fears of traditional societies, introducing bearded women who embody “otherness” with their appearance and behavior. For the owners of the house these unwelcome guests come as a shock. They experience various emotional states: hostility, confusion, compassion. When the hostess joins a hypnotic ritual dance with the women, she perceives, accepts their difference and becomes transformed by this interaction. Her curiosity, hospitality and transformation illustrate the possible steps towards overcoming the rejection of “others” and the possible interaction between various communities and undefined identities.

The film also gives a glimpse into an alternative future for humanity, where human organs become emancipated organisms and have complex relations with each other, humans being just a small part of this complex ecosystem of the future.”


A film “Look, she’s got Beard” by Uli Golub.

Creative Team: Ariane Bethusy-Huc, Genia Loginova, Viktoria Lapidus, Naomi O’Taylor, Sergey Baryshev, Maria Markina, Anna Pakhmanova, Iryna Janca, Angelika Mayer, Isabella Langer, Soia Rabinovich, Evelina Glorija Valt, Shorouk El Hariry, Aleksander Ihnatenko, Bente Faust, Nikita Kotliar, Arne Lösekann, Alexey Markin, Veaceslav Silion, Mark Leyrer.

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