Masha in Knust Hamburg

Benefit concert in “Knust”

On February 22, 2013 Masha (with Wassily Zittel and Clips) sang the song of Yanka Dyagileva “Vysche nogi ot zemli (Выше ноги от земли) at the benefit concert for political prisoners in Russia. The concert supported “Pussy Riot” and the May 6th prisoners and it was organized together with alternative music groups from Hamburg and Berlin on a stage of the “Knust” musical club in Sankt Pauli, Hamburg.

Participants of the concert:
Sheep on a Tree (punk-rock from Hamburg)
Channel Rats (80s punk from Hamburg)
C3I (80s punk from Hamburg)
Emils (hardcore from Hamburg)
Spüller-Müller (neu German Elektro-Wave from Hamburg)
Doctorella (Electro-Rock-Chanson – Sandra und Kerstin Grether from Berlin)
Femen Germany
Maria (Markina)…

More Information:

Design: Irina Khanova, picture: Viktoria Lomasko

Photographer: Maria Plion

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